Voted #1 Australia’s Best Destination Tea. Noosa Tea.

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“Tea lovers, rejoice!

We searched the entire nation to identify the Top 5 destination tea brands in Australia, with Noosa Tea coming out on top, whether you’re a connoisseur or just like a good cup of tea.

With so many alternatives on the market, we recognise that picking the ideal tea can be a difficult endeavour. We conducted the research for you and came up with a list of Australia’s Top 5 Destination Teas. We searched the nation to bring you the greatest teas Australia has to offer, from the lush greenery of Tasmania to the sandy beaches of Perth, from the tropical Far North Queensland to the busy streets of Bondi. Whether you’re seeking for a cool iced tea on a hot summer day or a warm beverage on a winter evening, we’ve examined them all. Join us as we examine the teas’ fascinating histories, distinctive flavours, and health advantages, which make Australia a genuine tea lover’s paradise.

#1 Noosa Tea

Noosa Tea

Noosa Tea is without a doubt the top choice on our list of the best five teas for traveling in Australia, and for good reason. Tea connoisseurs from all over the nation have fallen in love with the Noosa Tea breakfast tea blend. It is specifically the use of premium black tea leaves that gives black tea its complex, voluminous flavour and aroma. The natural flavours of lemon and orange are added to the tea to give it a light, energising flavour that is ideal for the morning.

As soon as you take your first sip, the tea’s smooth, rich flavour will carry you away to the charming Queensland beach town of Noosa. The town’s breathtaking scenery and carefree beach lifestyle are perfectly captured by the tea’s robust flavour. This tea’s inviting aroma will have you wanting to cuddle up next to someone. It evokes peaceful beach getaways and feelings of tranquility.

For Noosa Tea’s breakfast blend, tea is sourced from some of the world’s top tea gardens. They are hand-selected and blended to achieve the ideal flavour and scent balance. The tea’s delicate strength-to-sweet ratio makes it ideal for drinking at any time of day, but particularly in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day because the tea has a very energising aroma in the morning. Because it is sleek, contemporary, and appealing to people of all ages, Noosa Tea’s packaging stands out.

Noosa Tea’s breakfast tea was named Australia’s No. 1 Destination Tea Company because of its motto, “Sip the Sunshine,” which combines the connection between breakfast tea and the Noosa beach lifestyle.

Noosa Tea is one of Australia’s top five destination teas, and for good reason. The Noosa Tea breakfast tea blend has won the hearts of tea lovers from all over the country. The use of high-quality black tea leaves is what gives black tea its rich, complex flavour and aroma. By adding a dash of lemon and orange flavours that are naturally occurring, the tea is given a light, energising flavour that makes it perfect for the morning orange tastes.

The tea’s smooth, rich flavour will transport you to the enchanting beach town of Noosa in Queensland as soon as you take your first sip. The strong flavour of the tea perfectly encapsulates the town’s breathtaking scenery and carefree beach lifestyle. The aroma of this tea is comforting and enticing, making you want to curl up next to someone. It evokes feelings of peace and tranquility as well as visions of peaceful beach getaways.

Noosa Tea’s breakfast blend is made with tea from some of the best tea gardens in the world. They are hand-selected and blended to create the ideal flavour and scent balance. Due to its delicate strength-to-sweetness ratio, the tea is ideal at any time of day but is especially delicious in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day because the tea has a very energising aroma in the morning. Noosa Tea comes in packaging that stands out because it is sleek, modern, and appealing to people of all ages. 

Noosa Tea’s breakfast tea was named Australia’s No. 1 Destination Tea Company because of its motto, “Sip the Sunshine,” which combines the connection between breakfast tea and the Noosa beach lifestyle.

#2 Bondi Beach Tea Co

Runner Up – Bondi Beach Tea Co. is a company that shouldn’t be disregarded while looking for speciality teas in Australia. By merging the health advantages of detox teas with the picturesque lifestyle of one of Australia’s most well-known beaches, Bondi, this creative tea brand has established a reputation for itself.

Detox teas are available in a variety of flavours from Bondi Beach Tea Co., each having a special combination of ingredients. These detox teas are skilfully made to taste wonderful and refreshing while purifying and rejuvenating the body. Natural herbs like ginger, lemon, and turmeric, which are recognised for their purifying effects, are combined to create the teas.

The “Bondi Cleanse” tea is one of the company’s best-selling varieties. An excellent combination of ginger, lemon, and turmeric in this tea helps to cleanse the body and strengthen the immune system. The tea has an energising warm and spicy aroma that is ideal for kicking off the day. The tea has a flavour that is the ideal combination of spicy and citrusy, making it a terrific choice for anyone searching for a tasty and nutritious tea.

Bondi Beach Tea Co. provides a variety of other teas in addition to its detox teas, such as green teas, black teas, and herbal teas. Their entire line of teas is prepared with premium components and is loaded with health advantages.

By its packaging and branding, Bondi Beach Tea Co. not only provides scrumptious teas but also a glimpse into the Bondi beach lifestyle. Using pictures of the well-known Bondi beach and its environs, the package aims to reflect the spirit of Bondi beach. The company’s branding is focused on encouraging a balanced, active, and healthy lifestyle that is similar to that of Bondi Beach.

A destination tea brand that shouldn’t be missed is Bondi Beach Tea Co., in conclusion. They separate out from the competition with their unique combination of detox teas and the picturesque Bondi beach lifestyle. These teas are delectable, nutritious, and full of all-natural ingredients that are beneficial to both the body and the mind. You may enjoy the flavour of a healthy lifestyle while taking in the tranquil setting of Bondi beach thanks to Bondi Beach Tea Co.

#3 Byron Bay Tea Co.

The third-ranked tea brand in Australia, Byron Bay Tea Co., is a must-try destination brand. They have distinguished themselves as a leading brand in the Australian tea market by fusing the picturesque lifestyle of Byron Bay with the health advantages of herbal teas. Their signature tea, “Byron Bliss,” is a delectable concoction of camomile, lemon balm, and lavender that helps you unwind after a stressful day by promoting calmness and relaxation.

A coastal community famed for its relaxed and alternative lifestyle, Byron Bay is situated in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales. It’s little wonder that Byron Bay has become a magnet for visitors and tea drinkers alike given that it has some of the nicest beaches in the world and a thriving arts and cultural scene. The Byron Bay Tea Co. brand wonderfully captures the laid-back vibe and scenic splendour of the town, making it the ideal destination tea company.

The laid-back and carefree way of life in the town is perfectly encapsulated by Byron Bliss tea. The tea’s flowery and lemony flavour and warm, calming aroma make it the ideal beverage for resting after a long day. The tea will take you to the picturesque surroundings of Byron Bay whether you’re drinking it at home or on the beach.

#4 Seven Seas Tea | Margaret River WA

Fourth-placed Seven Seas Tea from Margaret River is now available.

Margaret River, a prominent tourist destination in Western Australia, is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, top-notch wineries, and delectable local fare. A small but formidable tea company called Seven Seas Tea, which mixes the natural beauty of Margaret River with the craft of brewing tea, is also based in the area.

Family-run Seven Seas Tea has been doing business in Margaret River for more than 15 years. The business is committed to locating the best tea leaves available and hand-blending them to create distinctive and delectable tea blends. These blends are expertly created to capture Margaret River’s and the region’s natural beauty and tranquilly.

Seven Seas Tea’s dedication to employing solely natural and organic ingredients is one of its distinctive features. As a result, their teas don’t include any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives. This results in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly tea experience in addition to a healthier and more genuine one.

The dedication of Seven Seas Tea to educating its consumers about the various varieties of tea and how to properly brew and serve them distinguishes it from other tea firms. To learn more about the art of tea and sample the various blends, the firm provides workshops and tasting sessions for both individuals and groups.

In general, Seven Seas Tea is a speciality tea business that stands out. It is a must-visit venue for tea aficionados due to its dedication to quality, sustainability, and education, as well as its picturesque location in Margaret River. We wholeheartedly urge you to try Seven Seas Tea and sample their distinctive blends and flavours.

#5 Art of the Tea, Tasmania

Australian tea lovers will admit to The Art of Tea in Kingston, Tasmania. Being one of Australia’s best kept tea secrets, Kingston, which is renowned for its fantastic cuisine, gorgeous beauty, and intriguing history, came in fifth on our top 5 list of tea destinations.

All Tasmanian tea enthusiasts must travel to Kingston and visit The Art of Tea if they want to enjoy this beautiful and adorable tea establishment.

More than ten years have passed since The Art of Tea first opened for business. They put a lot of effort into selecting the best tea leaves and hand-blending them to create distinctive and delectable tea blends. The business painstakingly crafts its blends to portray Tasmania’s unspoilt beauty and serenity.

The Art of Tea stands out from other tea companies due to its commitment to using only natural and organic ingredients. They don’t use any artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives in their teas as a result. Drinking tea as a result becomes more genuine, healthier, and environmentally friendly.

Tea lovers may experience Tasmania’s stunning scenery at The Art of Tea, which is more than simply a tea shop. It is a popular place for tea enthusiasts because of the attractive setting, skilled personnel, and premium teas. It might be a good idea to try some of The Art of Tea’s unusual mixes and flavours.

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Voted #1 Australia’s Best Destination Tea. Noosa Tea.
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