Queensland Mining Sectors Welcomed

Like a dormant volcano, Queensland mining sector is re-erupting much to the benefit of the State’s economy.

Imagine catching the latest box office hit at the local cinema and before you come out 3 new jobs have been created in Queensland. Well that has been the reality over the past 12 months with the Queensland mining sector creating 1 new job directly or in associated industries every 40 minutes.

QRC (Queensland Resources Council) Head Honcho Ian Macfarlane pointed out to a crowd of over 600 back in November at the industry’s biggest annual gathering with the Queensland mining sector recording a 14 percent growth over the last year to $63 billion. The growth will also see an estimated $5 billion being deposited into government coffers.

Mr Macfarlane looked to Premier Palaszczuk whom was also in attendance highlighting that their would be “plenty of money for new roads, schools and hospitals and to pay wages of our valued nurses, teachers and police”.

A major sentiment being aired in light of the reemergence of the sectors success is the inevitability of another crash, a fear Mr Macfarlane stated was unfounded.

“This upturn is rather different from last time” Macfarlane noted. “It’s not associated with a construction boom, but rather it’s built from strong demand for our high-quality Queensland commodities, which means even with the inevitability of price cycles, this time our boom should be longer-lasting,’’ he said.


Possibly a mere coincidence, however inline with the QRC’s announced success, Hong Kong based Sunshine Energy gained the tick of approval for one of Australia’s biggest solar projects near Ipswich.

The $US2.5 billion project green-lighted by the Somerset Council will see the 1500 megawatt complex constructed on a 2.5ha site east of Harlin.

Some concerns linger given the logistical hurdles of storing and transmitting such high volumes of energy, however the local economy and workers are set to rejoice.

Timothy York