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QLD Cross River Rail Proposal to Bring the South East Together

In an announcement delighting investors a 70bn fast rail proposal has the potential to turn Brisbane and surrounds into a 45 minute region.

It’s nothing new, talks of a fast rail network have been the talking point of many a State Government but it is a new multi-billion dollar proposal coming out of Southeast Queensland that could finally gain traction.

The plan released by the council of Southeast QLD mayors in early October from a feasibility study proposes a $70 Billion network set to turn the area into a 45 minute region.

The network is a reaction to the status of the area as Australia’s fastest growing region. Population growth and migration are at an all time high with the Southeast projected to be home to more than 5.5 million by 2043.

The Brisbane-centric network is planned to reach up to the Sunshine Coast, down to the Gold Coast and as far west as Toowoomba, dramatically reducing commute times in the area. The estimated total cost of $70 billion will include an estimated annual cost of $2-3bn delivering the infrastructure. The project includes the already approved Cross River Rail and Metro upgrades in Brisbane city.

Brisbane Mayor Graham Quirk agrees the region needs to remain on top of the impending growth in the area and has indicated the rail network as one of the solutions arrived at through the Council of Mayors (SEQ) investigations. Initial findings determine travel times could be slashed to 45 minutes from Brisbane to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts and a mere 20 minute trip to Ipswich. These upgrades have the potential to reunite the region and drastically reduce congestion of our major transport corridors.

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Brisbane Metro and Cross River Rail

The announcement of the potential network comes after stage one of the Brisbane Metro Project has gotten underway. The upgrade including the Cross River Rail will serve as only the beginning should the entire network get the green light. The Brisbane based projects are set for completion in 2023 for the Metro and a year later for the Cross River Rail.
The project spread out in 5 stages allows for ease of future expansions with lines out to Bracken Ridge in the North, Springwood in the South and Capalaba in the East likely to be the next step.

The project spread out in 5 stages allows for ease of future expansions.

Initial Metro services will operate 20 hours a day, five days a week and all night Friday and Saturday. The development is the beginning of a plan to have Brisbane running 24/7 public transport by 2043. To read more about the Brisbane upgrades we suggest giving this a read.