Choosing a Home Loan: The Big 5

If you’re not in the industry choosing a home loan that suits your requirements can be tricky. We always recommend using a proffessional who understands the ins and outs. But because education is everything and we’ve been there before, here is a 2 minute break down to add some clarity.

1. Variable Rate Loans

One of the most popular loans for home buyers when choosing a home loan, the amount of interest payable on a variable rate loan is dependant on the cash rate set by Reserve Bank of Australia.


  • Extra Payments – Option to pay off sooner by allowing you to pay more than regular monthly payments, saving on interest and allowing for a shorter loan term
  • Redraw – As you pay off the loan, you can reborrow some of the money you’ve paid if needed. Might come in handy for the backyard deck you keep talking about or a trip to Bali
  • Offset Account – This is a backup payment option when you place a percentage of your income into the account to minimise from your loan principal further reducing interest
  • If you find a better home loan most Variable rate loans don’t have an exit fee


  • Rate’s can fluctuate higher if changed by the RBA

Choosing a Home Loan Number 2: Fixed Rate Loans

choosing a locked in home loan with a fixed rate loan

This type of loan locks in a set interest rate for an agreed upon period of time. Usually 1 to 5 years at a rate above the current variable rate. Generally used by borrowers on a budget or not looking to risk changing rates. 


  • Don’t have to cope with extra payments
  • Can easily budget to accommodate constant repayments


  • Higher mortgage rates
  • No extra payments
  • Harder to switch loans (Often exit fees)

3. Interest Only Loans

A popular choice for investors looking to utilise negative gearing or to sell the property again to make a profit through capital growth or renovations. This variation allows you to only pay the interest minus the principal for a set period.


  • Allows for smaller repayments usually for first 7 years
  • Could benefit younger buyers and low income earners with minimal cash whilst waiting to generate more income


  • Usually only lasts 7 years
  • After that borrower will need to pay down principal and interest

Choosing a Home Loan Number 4: Guarantor Loans

This type of loan allows borrowers looking to borrow more than 80% of the property price who don’t have a deposit to use a portion of a family members home as a security for their own mortgage.


  • Can allow first home buyers to get a foot in the door
  • Avoids extra costs of Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI)


  • Putting the risk on a family member/ parents should you default on the loan
  • Banks will seize family members property to recover losses if needed

5. Low-Doc Loans

choosing a home loan for a freelancer

Short for “Low-Documentation” loans is often used by self-employed, business owners, freelancers or anyone who doesn’t have standard papers such as payment slips etc that are usually required when filing a loan application.


  • Allows more flexibility
  • Gives people without standard documentation an option


  • Generally have higher interest rates
  • Often involve extra fees

Need help figuring out where you stand. The Australian Governement’s Money smart website has some great free resources including this Mortgage Calculator to get you started.

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