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Best Suburbs to Invest in Brisbane 2019

Join The Researcher as we investigate the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane for 2019 and beyond

Updated: Head HERE to see our complete forecast and overview for Brisbane 2020

You’ve no doubt read the big predictions for Australia’s 3rd largest city. A combination of billions injected into infrastructure, highest numbers of interstate migration and a general lagging behind the top 2 that is historically uncharacteristic has lead to growth predictions for Brisbane hitting 20% over the next 3 years. But what are the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane? What are the best rental yield suburbs in Brisbane? and what the best suburbs to buy in Brisbane? Let’s have a look!

Just like the national market Brisbane has its own micro markets within the greater city. Anyone with a bit of experience will tell you not all suburbs are created equal so we are going to break down 5 of the best suburbs to invest Brisbane that we believe will create plenty of buzz in coming years. We havescoured the numbers from the industry’s best sources including past value growths, projected population and general development to come up with our 5 best suburbs to invest in Brisbane 2019 and beyond.

5. Springfield Lakes

One of two winner’s for Greater Brisbane coming out of the Ipswich Region in our Top 5. Springfield Lakes has been gaining momentum for a number of years now and was once again difficult to overlook as one of the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane, comfortably slipping in to our top 5.

With a projected population increase of 12% for this year alone it is hard to deny the Lakes as a genuine investment opportunity and one the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane if not Australia over the coming decade. A part of Greater Springfield which is projected to have a population of 105,000 by 2030 (that’s the size of Darwin) the area will also have had a giant $85 billion injection a number expected to increase the population of the Ipswich region by 4.6% annually. The planning behind Greater Springfield is astronomical which makes it a must to consider, you can read more about the future of Greater Sprinfield HERE.

Springfield Lakes remains a very attractive prospect thanks to an attainable entry price that could keep investors out of some of the other suburbs on this list. The median house price for a 4 bedroom is currently $450,000 with median rent for 4 bedders $420p/w. Up from a median price for a 4br of $380,000 back in 2012, showing decent growth already. (According to We advise to keep an eye on the progress across this region and comfortably put Springfiled lakes at number 5 in our Best Suburbs to Invest Brisbane list.

4. Red Hill

One of the most exciting prospects in the inner city ring Red Hill is worth keeping an eye on over the next 5 years. With a median house price of $886,000 it probably isn’t an option for most investors at the beginning of building a portfolio but with relatively modest growth over the past year of only .68% another boost over the next 5 years seems quite likely with a median growth of 26.66% in the last 5.

Red Hill has remained a steady suburb with constant demand and property in the area statistically moving in under 2 months. If you can afford to buy in the area we are confident a property here will hold it’s value and is our preferred pick for the inner north. With a median rent of $595 p/w however dependant on your strategy it certainly isn’t going to give the greatest return on yield in Brisbane.

3. Chermside

The North Brisbane suburb that has benefited from the burgeoning Westfield shopping centre breathing life into the northern suburb and surrounds. Constant upgrades have added a lifestyle precinct in the suburb that stands out against the remainder of the north. At only 9km north of the city centre Chermside benefits from great transport links as we see public transit times across Brisbane continue to minimise over coming years at the same time making it not necessary for residents with so much to offer in it’s own vicinity .

According to Corelogic median house prices in Chermside are sitting at $615,000 with a 5 per cent rental yield. Prices in the area have been relatively stagnant in the area over recent years so is worth investigating for buyers looking for a mid level price range.

2. Ripley

Ripley is an interesting prospect we have actually written about previously and has been drawing attention as one of the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane for a few years in a row now. Set to be Australia’s largest master planned community the suburb was pinpointed by Corelogic as one of the best investment opportunities of 2018 and has continued to perform through 2019. With a projected growth of 31% for 2019 and predictions of over 100,000 within 20 years it is a real opportunity for investors to enter the market at very affordable prices. Stage 1 of the 1.5 billion town centre is already completed taking care of the lifestyle needs of residents.

But let’s have a look at the numbers. Ripley has reported median growth of 20% over the past 3 years with a median home price of $400,000 and an average rental return of $385 p/w. With a lot of attention set to be given to Ripley over the coming decades we suggest you put Ripley on your radar

1. Highgate Hill

Our favourite of the inner Southwest, Highgate Hill is a high density suburb. It has enjoyed reasonable growth over the past year with growth of 5% recorded for 2018 when many suburbs in Brisbane stayed stagnant. Median price for a house is on the higher end at $985,000 so a difficult market to buy into however with homes so scarce in the area we only see the suburb continue to rise. It is certainly one of the suburbs to invest in Brisbane if you can.

A predominantly apartment dominated suburb median unit price comes in at $495,000 but is worth following from a distance as we continue to see the apartment market in Brisbane take a hit due to saturation. Median rent in the area for units is advertised at $375. We see a similar story for Highgate Hill as Red Hill as more residents spread to the outer CBD bumping up property prices in the suburbs.

Dependant on what you look to achieve and your current position all 5 suburbs offer great opportunities meeting different needs and although we like them as some of the best suburbs to invest in Brisbane, it isn’t a one size fits all market. For investors looking for high yield property at a modest entry point with decent growth opportunity we would recommend looking to suburbs like Ripley or Springfield Lakes.