The Best Gold Coast Property Manager: We found the top 5.

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Across the Gold Coast, like many Australian cities, the property market is performing extremely well. With demand for rental properties at an all time high, there’s never been a more lucrative time for investors to source and appoint the right property management firm to take care of their real estate on the Gold Coast. 

To help you get ahead, the team at The Researcher has reviewed a wide range of the best Gold Coast property managers and has put together our list of who we think could be the best Gold Coast property manager for you.

Pull out a pen and paper and enjoy as The Researcher’s team of experts reviews the 5 best Gold Coast property managers that are leading the Gold Coast property management industry.

Kim Atherton, Harcourts Coastal

Kym Atherton is one of the managing directors of Harcourts Coastal, and she starts off our list. Kim is widely regarded for her consistent enthusiasm and priceless expertise that she brings to her role and delivers to clients, combined with Harcourts Coastal’s exceptional reputation.

Kym has over 12 years of experience in the real estate business and has assisted over 8,000 property owners in realising their dreams, along with her husband Dane and team. Kim is guided by a people-first approach to real estate, ensuring the best possible outcomes for clients and is a worthy final addition to our best Gold Coast Property Manager breakdown.

Christina Longstaff, Locate Property

Next on the list is Christina Longstaff, the principal and licensee of Locate Property Gold Coast. Christina caught our attention by offering the Gold Coast real estate market a special combination of legal knowledge and practical real estate experience. Her transition from a family and criminal law background to a successful real estate company has established her as a cutting-edge and contemporary thought leader in real estate. Having gained a solid legal foundation while attending Swinburne University, Christina started her legal profession as a family and criminal lawyer. Her background in law has turned out to be the ideal basis for her current position as a real estate attorney. 

Christina offers clients the ability to analyse problems analytically, pay close attention to detail, and comprehend legal issues thoroughly, giving her a particular advantage when negotiating the intricacies of the real estate market. Christina has been in the real estate business for over six years, during which time she has held a number of positions that have showcased her adaptability and skill. Christina’s professional path demonstrates her dedication to understanding every aspect of the business, from her beginnings at the front desk to her assumption of senior property management roles within national and worldwide franchise groups. 

Numerous reports from Christina’s clients represent her going above and beyond, regularly exceeding their expectations and producing excellent outcomes with high profitability and low vacancy rates—everything we look for when trying to identify the best Gold Coast property manager.

Noami Baber, Baber and co

Next up is Naomi Baber of Baber and Co. Naomi has spent more than ten years in the real estate sector and presents an innate awareness of what distinguishes a positive and negative client experience. 

Naomi lives by the philosophy that it doesn’t matter if a property agency is a big franchise or an independent; what matters most is that the person managing your property and renters performs with the highest standard of quality and never compromises on those standards.

Naomi has made our top 5, as we believe she possesses all the qualities one would expect from a property manager, along with a welcome dash of adaptability, warmth, and extremely high standards.

Tawa Mathews: Local Property

At number four, we have Tawa Matthews with Local Property, a youthful addition to our best Gold Coast property manager list, with strong real estate industry knowledge and an in-depth background as an administrative professional.

Tawa’s strong communication, organisational, and customer service abilities have earned her a place on our list, with a displayed dedication to excellence that makes her a desirable manager for any property owner. Tawa is committed to providing clients with outstanding service, is dedicated to making the process as simple as possible for them.

Tawa brings a breath of fresh air to the Gold Coast Property Manager scene, is constantly looking for new opportunities to broaden her knowledge and expertise, and appreciates keeping up with the newest technological advancements and trends in the field.

Daniel Pirotta, Propcare One

Wrapping up our Gold Coast manager profile is Daniel Pirotta. Since 2014, Daniel, working for Propcare One, has been providing his real estate clients with outstanding service and outcomes. Daniel is well known for his commitment to making each client feel valued by getting to know each owner, property, and renter on a personal level.

Daniel has a background in finance, accounting, and insurance, and his trained eye for detail instills trust in his clients that tasks will be completed accurately the first time. This, together with his excellent interpersonal and communication abilities, has enabled Daniel to produce favourable results for the people who choose to work with him.

Daniel’s approach to real estate has earned him a place in our top 5 best Gold Coast property managers, with many of his past and current clients referring to him as courteous, professional, and ethical—with some even calling him “a breath of fresh air.” 

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