Australia’s Top Ten Builders 2019 Revealed

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) announced the 100 largest Builders last Wednesday (September 25th) so we have decided to have a look at the top ten.

Last Wednesday the Housing Industry of Australia announced in the HIA-Colorbond steel housing 100 report the top 100 builders with Metricon taking out the top spot for the fourth consecutive year. We already covered Metricon in-depth so decided to have a brief look at Australia’s top ten builders.

It’s important to note that the 18/19 financial year was a difficult one for home builders as the number of new home starts reduced dramatically.  The overall market contracted by 15% and builds completed by the top 100 by 6%. As a result of the reduction, the market share of the top 100 increased by 2% to 35% becoming the largest market share of Australia’s top 100 builders since 2013/14.

Hotspots in the 18/19 period shifted drastically with Sydney dealing with the brunt of new build reductions whilst Melbourne remained exceptionally strong despite modest cooling. Apartments saw a larger volume of completion in 18/19 which is reflected in Australia’s top ten builders now made up of an increased number of apartment builders including Meriton jumping from 9th to 2nd.

Key Highlights of the HIA-Colorbond Steel Housing 100 Report

The report found that the largest 100 residential builders for 18/19:

  • Covered 71% of detached homes built in Australia
  • Decreased home construction earnings by 16% to $21.29 billion
  • Reduced new build starts for the year to 6,871
  • The number of detached starts reduced by 5.8% whilst the number of units increased by 16.6%
  • Builder number 100 reduced from 118 in 17/18 to 100 starts

Australia’s Top Ten Builders 2019 (By Volume)

Australia's Top Ten Builders 2018/9
HIA Top Ten Builders 2018/19

Metricon Homes

Position: 1st

Builds in 2018/19: 4,473

Established: 1979

About: Metricon builds residential homes, develop land, sell house and land and also constructs commercial buildings. They service Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia

Meriton Apartments

Position: 2nd

Builds in 2018/19: 3,288

Established: 1963

About: Meriton has according to their website, “designed, developed and built a total of 75,000 apartments and is the largest residential home builder and apartment developer in the country.” The CEO is Mr Harry Triguboff who started the company back in 1963.

ABN Group

Position: 3rd

Builds in 2018/19: 2,978

Established: 1978

About: ABN through its subsidiaries has built over 65,00 homes across Western Australia and Victoria according to their website. ABN group is made up of 22 companies and develop commercial and residential projects.

Dyldam Developments Pty Ltd

Position: 4th

Builds in 2018/19: 2,772

Established: 1969

About: Founded by Naim Khattar, Dyldam is an integrated property development and construction group. As a result Dyldam is able to control the entire life cycle of all projects and specialises in metropolitan growth corridors.

Simonds Group

Position: 5th

Builds in 2018/19: 2,580

Established: 1949

About: Made up of Simonds Homes and Builders Academy Australia. Founded by Gary Simonds and is the largest detached homebuilder in Victoria, with operations also in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

Australia’s Top Ten Builder’s Number 6: MJH Group

Position: 6th

Builds in 2018/19: 2,378

Established: 1989

About: MJH offers multiple residential build options, operating across New South Wales, ACT, Queensland and Tasmania under a number of subsidiaries. 

Burbank Group

Position: 7th

Builds in 2018/19: 1,963

Established: 1983

About: Made up of multiple subsidiaries their building arm Burbank Homes operates in Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales/ACT and South Australia. Burbank offers single and double-story residential homes.

GJ Gardner Homes

Position: 8th

Builds in 2018/19: 1,949

Established: 1983

About: GJ Gardner Homes was started in Queensland by Greg Gardner. Now made up of over 120 franchises operating across Australia, New Zealand and the USA and has completed over 36,00 residential builds.

Parkview Construction Pty Ltd

Position: 9th

Builds in 2018/19: 1,747

Established: 1997

About: Parkview’s building arm construct residential apartment builds as well as commercial projects.

Australia’s Top Ten Builder’s Number 10:Henley Properties

Position: 10th

Builds in 2018/19: 1,714

Established: 1989

About: Henley began in Victoria and now offers builds Australia wide as well as focusing on land developments.